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What is an AC?

In Simple words an Air conditioner is an appliance or a machine that converts air in an area usually enclosed with the help of a refrigeration cycle in which warm air is removed from the said enclosed area, is transported outdoors and is replaced by cool air. The second function of air conditioners is to circulate and filter the air by removing pollutants and mould from it.

Types of Air Conditioners

Generally speaking there are 3 types of Air Conditioners.

1. Window Air Conditioners

Window AC

Window air conditioner is a single unit appliance which is installed within a window or a wall opening. The costs associated with installation and maintenance of this kind of AC are minimum.

A window AC is the cheapest kind of AC and is usually most cost effective in the long run too. However limited installation options and lack of high performance air flow can restrict the effectiveness when compared with others.

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Some noteworthy things about Window ACs.

  • Are cheaper than other kind of ACs.
  • Installation can be done as DIY too, its easy.
  • Chances of refrigerant leak are minimum.
  • Overall effectiveness is less all though in theory loss in energy during copper transport in minimized.
  • Noise levels are high because you can hear the compressor indoors.

2. Split A/C

Split AC

This is a kind of AC which as the nomenclature says is divided in to 2 parts. An indoor unit (wall or ceiling mount) and an outdoor unit. The two are connected with the help of copper tubing and electricity wires to work as a single unit. These type of Air Conditioners are expensive and usually used were window type of ACs cannot be installed.

The installation cost of split AC is higher than a window AC. However this kind of AC has higher air flow volume and also is able to clear larger areas more quickly when compared to a similarly powered window AC.

Things to note about split AC

  • Are more effective in cooling.
  • Cost to install is more.
  • Prices are higher.
  • Maintenance charges can be high.
  • Are less noisy indoors.
  • Have a better and powerful airflow.
  • Installation location can be as per needs.
  • Needs professional installation.

3. Portable ACs.

Portable AC

Portable Air Conditioners are floor standing ACs which can be easily moved about and shifted from one location to another. These are usually used to cool down smaller spaces and where frequent change of location is needed. The exhaust of this kind of AC is specialized and makes its mobility a little cumbersome.

Important facts about Portable ACs.

  • Portable ACs cost a lot more on account of specialized build.
  • These are more suited in covering small spaces, use many to cover large areas.
  • Exhaust is the tricky part and needs special attention.
  • Powerful units get big real fast, hindering mobility.

Air Conditioner and Global Warming

The soothing coolness that emanates from the air conditioner, a respite from the sweltering summer heat, is a luxury that most of us have grown accustomed to. But this comfort comes at a price, a hidden cost that we often fail to see and understand. The electricity that powers these machines, that brings us relief from the scorching sun, is also fueling the fire of global warming, its real. The emissions from the generation of this electricity, a byproduct of our need for coolness, are contributing to the rising temperatures of our planet.

It is true that the precise impact of air conditioners on global warming is a complex equation, with variables such as the source of energy, the efficiency of the units and patterns of usage all playing a part. But what is certain is that air conditioning is a significant consumer of electricity, and thus a significant contributor to global emissions.

But there is hope, for we can each play our part in this fight against the warming of our world. We can choose energy-efficient air conditioners, use them responsibly and support the growth of renewable energy sources. Together, we can ensure that the coolness we seek does not come at the cost of a scorched earth.


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