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How To Buy Best Earbuds

Best Earbuds Buying Guide

From patchy and unstable connectivity and average sound quality today’s earbuds have really become faultless and truly Hi Fi. Some better than the others while some not so much. Be that as it may most of the earbuds even the ones costing around 1000-2000 rupees would shame anything from 5 years ago in almost every single department. Moreover earbuds are a common sight anywhere and everywhere, be it a gym, park, metro or markets. But this brings us to the topic in hand, how to choose and buy a pair of earbuds?

Earbud design 

TWS earbuds (true wireless stereo earphones) come in various designs and shapes. For instance there is the stem design and stemless design. Then there is the in-ear design and then half in-ear design. And ofcourse there are combinations of above types to confuse some and offer greater flexibility for some. The stem is that part of an earbud that sticks and hangs outside the ear. All types of designs have their own sets of pros and cons and use case.

One apparent advantage of earbuds with a stem is that they offer superior calling thanks to a microphone at the end of the stem. On the other hand earbuds without a stem are more sturdy, compact have a snug flush fitting.

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Case design 

A case is the part of earbuds which holds them for storage and charges them when in storage. Some cases have a boxy design, while some have a rounded one. It ultimately is a subjective matter. However the most important part is the charging capability. A case with higher charging capability will let you enjoy you earbuds longer, especially while traveling without having to juice up. Earbuds of around 20000 rupees usually offer premium looking case and Sennheiser cases look the most elegant ones.

Audio quality

This is obviously a very important aspect, having good audio quality. The only way to determine if the earbuds sound good to you is by listening to them.

Usually balanced sound profile well enable for higher tuning options, and will sound more neutral and Hi Fi to the trained ear.


This can make or break your experience. A flawless connection means you will enjoy audio from earbuds uninterrupted however a poor connectivity will mar the experience as soon as there is some distance between the devices or earbuds face interference. We found Sony and Samsung earbuds to have the best connectivity hands down.

Battery Life and charging 

What good is any gadget or tech if it has no power or battery, none. Therefore battery life is a very important characteristic to consider before narrowing down on a pair of earbuds. Do note not only should the single run time of earbuds be considered but also the battery life of the charging case should be taken into account. A bigger battery in charging case is always helpful while traveling.

Noise cancellation 

Ambient Noise cancellation or ANC is a niche and very usable feature to have. What this feature does is it suppresses the noise around you when you wear your earbuds to give your ears a more clear and audible audio performance. As with every bit of tech not all implementations work same. For instance Bose and Sony earbuds offer superb ANC however ANC from some budget brands is just a marketing gimmick.

Driver types

In the world of audio technology, transducers can be thought of as the “engines” that power headphones. Just as an engine in a car converts fuel into motion, transducers in headphones convert electrical audio signals into sound waves that can be heard by the listener.

Dynamic drivers, the most common type of transducer used in headphones, can be thought of as the “workhorse” of the headphone industry. They are reliable, efficient, and widely available, much like a trusty pickup truck. However, just as a pickup truck may not be the best choice for a high-performance race, dynamic drivers may not be the best option for audiophiles seeking the highest sound quality.

Planar magnetic drivers, on the other hand, can be thought of as the “sports car” of the headphone world. They offer superior performance and a sleek design, but come at a higher cost. Similarly, electrostatic drivers can be thought of as the “luxury car” of the headphone industry. They offer the ultimate in sound quality and performance, but come at a premium price.

Ultimately, the choice of transducer used in headphones is like choosing a mode of transportation. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, and the best choice will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the listener.


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