Washing Machines

Types Of Washing Machines

There are broadly 3 types of washing machines. Namely Top Load fully automatic washing machine, Top Load Semi Automatic washing machine and Front Load Washing Machine.

Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

This is possibly the most common type of washing machine. In this type there is a single tub in the machine in which the clothes are washed and dried. This type of machine is cheaper in price than front load washing machine, however uses a lot more water and detergent to wash clothes than its front load counterpart.

Important points about Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machines.

  • Cheaper than Front Load type washing machine.
  • The said machine is light in weight and comparatively smaller in size than semi automatic ones.
  • Uses a lot more water than semi automatic and front load fully automatic.
  • Need continuous flow of water to work efficiently as per selected programme.
Front Load automatic washing machine
Front Load Washing Machine

Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

This kind of washing machine is the most costly affair. This type of machine has a front loading door which is also called the porthole. The biggest USP of this machine is its less consumption of water and detergent and higher performance in cleaning.

Noteworthy points about Front Load Washing Machine.

  • Are well built with a stainless steel drum v/s plastic or fiber found in others.
  • Water efficiency is great.
  • Usually have a built in heater to heat up water as per wash mode.
  • Noise levels are well contained.
  • These machines are usually heavy in weight.
  • Front load washing machines are priced higher than top load ones.
  • Need a water connection to be able to function automatically.
  • Tons of features and wash modes.
  • Wash cycle can be thorough and at the same time slow, depends on wash mode selected.

Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine

As the name suggests these are partly automatic while in some part manual intervention is needed to complete the wash cycle. Moreover these feature two drums, one each for washing and drying. And as you may have figured out by now, clothes need to be manually shifted from one drum to the other. The best part about this washing machine is that water utilization and detergent wastage entirely depends on the operator.

Important points about Semi Automatic Washing machine.

  • Water consumption is very less.
  • Fast wash cycle.
  • 2 knob system, a timer know for each drum.
  • Light weight and easy to shift.
  • Clothes need to be shifted to dry.
  • Rinsing with clean water needs to be done manually to save detergent.
  • Machine is usually larger because of presence of 2 drums.
  • Noise levels are high.


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